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Ordering Policy:


There are NO returns or refunds on ANY FOOD ITEMS.


Delivery Policy:

Same day delivery may may be available only on the following products:

Royal CrèmeRoll
Chocolate Roll
Cookie Platter
Muffin Basket

All other orders:  Next day delivery order cut off time is 5:00 PM

If you order Monday at 5:00 PM for next day, your order will be delivered on Tues.
If you order Monday at 5:01 PM for next day, your order will be delivered on Wed.

Other Terms:
We are not responsible for late deliveries caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as weather or traffic conditions, etc. and
no refunds will be issued for these reasons.  The delivery will occur on the next possible delivery date.

1. If Recipient is not found:
If recipient is not available to receive the delivery at the given address, the delivery person may leave the order at the door if it is safe and weather permits, or leave the delivery with a neighbor, or leave a note on the recipient’s door asking them to call to arrange a convenient time for re-delivery, extra delivery charge applies

2. Items not like picture:
All baked goods are “unique” and “one of a kind” items. The pictures in our photo gallery and shopping cart may not always be
duplicated 100% like the picture. When ordering a specific item it will be as close to the picture as possible, but may not be a 100% replica.

3. Unwanted or Unliked Gifts:
If the recipient of a gift does not like the gift, we will not take it back. We are not responsible for personal tastes, allergies, or diet restrictions. There are no refunds.

4. Subsitutions, Flavor Swaps:
If we do not have a particular item, flavor, fruit topping, candy topping or option available, we will substitute for the closest possible option that we have, or supply more of another option ordered, or when necessary leave it out. Advanced notice will only be given to clients if time allows.

5. Sweet Garden Recipes:
Be reminded that every bakery has their own recipe and their own version of common and popular desserts and cakes. We will bake and deliver our products according to our company recipes and our version of our desserts. Just because you ate something that tasted a certain way at another bakery, does not mean we make it exactly the same.

6. High Maintenance Clients:
We appreciate your business and we bend over backwards for each one of our clients and every single order. We try to offer
as much flexibility as we can to accomodate our customers requests. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction.

Regretfully, we will not cater to clients who have lost perspective, nit pick at every possible situation, try to find problems in an effort to get a ‘freebie’, micro manage their orders to the extreme, are rude and hyper demanding, or who become annoying to our staff.